Civil Design

HIG specialise in all facets of civil design with particular expertise for DTMR and local government projects.

Highway & Road Design

We specialise in all facets of road and highway design, from major highway interchanges to residential accesses, with particular expertise for DTMR and local government projects. We offer a team of over 30 designers and engineers that are highly experienced in the application of design packages such as 12D, MX, AutoCAD and Civil 3D. We capitalize on our in-house expertise to provide a holistic approach to road design. In addition to the completion of countless successful design projects HIG have also produced the draft “Lower Order Roads Design Guide” on behalf of IPWEAQ.

Recent Projects

Traffic Signal & Street Lighting Design

HIG employ the services of exceptionally experienced and innovative Traffic Signal designers who are knowledgeable about and competent in the use of DTMR and numerous LGA standards, practices and presentation requirements. We effectively link intersection geometrics, traffic signal layouts and cable connection plans to provide a complete and comprehensive design package.  HIG can also provide electrical certification of our drawings via a working relationship established with an electrical RPEQ.

HIG can present appropriate and safe solutions to improve intersection safety and capacity with intersection, route and pedestrian lighting design capability. We support our skilled designers with design software including AGI and Perfectlite. We are accredited Ergon Public Lighting Designers, with a 6 rating, and the ability to prepare contestable design.

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Subdivision Design

We have extensive experience in design and contract administration of commercial, rural and urban subdivision.   We help you with all aspects of town planning including material change of use; development applications; operational works; liaison with government departments where required; and preparation of planning reports such as traffic management, environmental, stormwater.

We design roads, stormwater, on site effluent disposal, sewerage reticulation and water reticulation.  We can manage your construction project from the tender process to contract finalisation.

Recent Projects

Pavement Design

HIG are very experienced in completing pavement designs for state and local government clients.

Road Safety Audits

We offer over 15 years of experience, four senior registered safety auditors and another four trained safety auditors, producing thorough, efficient and quality road safety audit reports for all phases of projects. We have developed a simple and effective methodology incorporating accumulated data and practises such as traffic volume data, crash and speed environment data, desktop plan assessments, prestart meetings, clear zone width calculations, initial desktop audit and day and night inspections. In addition HIG take advantage of state of the art equipment including a Vericom, GPS linked video-pro cameras and infra-red reflectometers to ensure accurate and reputable results.

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HIG are one of very few regional firms with the ability to produce and supply visualisations. We combine design, 3d animation and post production skills to give you a complete visual model of all aspects of your project. We can provide your company with a cutting edge presentation that can be utilised for public consultation, funding submissions, advertising and training. Visualisations can be designed as a walk or drive through from both helicopter and driver perspectives. Visualisations can be generated of buildings, roads, tunnels and airports and can incorporate the integration of architectural models.

Recent Projects

Public Utility Management

We offer effective management of public utility conflicts and relocations of services. This is an element present in many of our projects.

Risk Assessments

Based on AS4360, Harrison Infrastructure Group adopts a straight forward approach to risk management. We have the expertise to deliver risk management strategies - from broad strategic risks to detailed project risks. We work with the client and their project team to establish the context of risks, identify potential risks, analyse the agreed risks, evaluate and rank the risks, develop risk mitigation strategies and manage the ongoing monitoring of the risks. To ensure the risk management strategies are effective, we regularly review the outcomes of the mitigation strategies and determine whether any new risks are likely to appear. This is completed in an environment of effective communication and consultation with those who are best equipped to provide input into the risk management process.

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